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24 May 2005

Povero Basso

Well, it looks like Ivan will have to set his sights on something else - either this year's Tour de France, or next year's Giro d'Italia - because a bout of nastiness in his gut over the weekend has set him back over 40 minutes on the current leader, Paolo Savoldelli. Basso's shown his class, though, a couple times over the weekend. When asked why he didn't just abandon the race mid-stage on Saturday if he felt so badly, he said, "It would be better to climb in the ambulance." And he's still smiling when he gives interviews. He clearly thinks the race deserves more respect than if he just abandoned (tell that to Robbie McEwen), and is intent on finishing in Milan. Good man.

In other and completely unrelated (except that it's health-related) news, I finally got around to calling my primary care doctor to ask her what vaccinations I should get before going to China. The nurse on the phone said, "Yeah, she doesn't really keep up on that kind of stuff, and recommends that people go to a travel medical clinic." A what?!?

I'd never heard of such things. But they exist. And one is right down the street from my house. So I have a consultation appointment next month. Of course, none of this is covered by my health insurance. Apparently, traveling is bad.


victoria said...

I'm curious what vaccinations are recommended before traveling to China...I've never heard of a travel medical clinic either. How did you go about finding one?

Jessica said...

When I expressed my bewilderment to the gal on the phone, she gave me the name of one just down the block. Very handy. A friend suggested doctors who set up "travel medical clinics" might be ex-CDC doctors. I guess I'll find out soon enough.