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31 May 2005

Random 20 - With a Twist

I got this from greyduck.net, who got it from someone else, who probably got it from someone else... You can follow the trail backwards if you want to. Here's the meme:

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly. -
Except I just realized I'm not techie enough to know how to "cross out" anything, so I'll change the color instead...
Obviously, y'all come in at Step 3. I've made it a tad easier (on both you and me) in that I've skipped Italian tracks. I've also eliminated any duplication of artists. Finally, due to the number of jazz albums in my collection - most of which do standards - if it's a jazz song just the title (and not the artist) will do nicely.

Good luck...

1. I’m standing here in your closet/Unbuttoning all your clothes/I sleep in your bed tonight/But I never find you home/You're giving me crooked answers/I'm cracking your little code/I'm learning another language/So full it's about to explode

2. Hold me love/I can't sleep again/Will I have to kiss your nose?/I wanna lay here next to him, love/I remember walking in the rain/Rain was falling on my hands/I don't wanna live through that again, no/Outside the heart it gets dark now/And I was walking in the park now/Children singing songs/That will now make all our dreams come true

3. I'm told the case is now closed/So I can come to my senses/But when the question is posed/I'll have this meager defense/ ... /So I wasn’t thinking clearly so you didn’t think at all/I thought that was Protocol

4. A cold and wet November dawn/And there are no barking sparrows/Just emptiness to dwell upon - The Shins, "Young Pilgrims" - guessed by Beth

5. My heart is longing for you, love/I cared for you more than you knew/Though you have broken each promise/Yesterday's dreams are untrue/Alone, I'll be yearning tomorrow/When sunshine brings memories of you/My sunshine will turn into sorrow/As a dream of the love you once knew - Bono, "Dreaming With Tears in My Eyes" - guessed by Jim (who is responsible for me even knowing this song exists in the first place)

6. I believe in you/You know the door to my very soul/You're the light in my deepest darkest hour/You're my savior when I fall - Bee Gees, "How Deep is Your Love" - guessed by Lynn

7. If I listen close I can hear them singers/Voices in your body coming through on the radio - Duran Duran, "Union of the Snake" - guessed by Toni

8. Well, I’m lost out of reach of somebody’s arms that I can’t get close enough to/I can still feel her breath and still taste her lips, still hear her beating heart/ ... /I can look in her eyes and still understand though our ears hear a different tongue/Still we seek some excuse of what can go wrong though we claim to live to explore

9. I'm crying everyone's tears/And there inside our private war/I died the night before/And all of these remnants of joy and disaster/What am I supposed to do/I want to cook you a soup that warms your soul/But nothing would change, nothing would change at all/It's just a day that brings it all about/Just another day and nothing's any good

10. Gee, it’s nice to see you looking swell, baby/Diamond bracelets Woolworth’s doesn’t sell, baby - jazz standard, "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" - guessed by Beth

11. Sleeping on a planter at the Port Authority/Waiting for my bus to come/Seven scotch-and-sodas at the office party/Now I don't remember where I'm from/I think I had a black wallet in my back pocket/With a bus ticket and a picture of my baby inside

12. Baby, can I dress you - I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out?/I ain’t sayin’ you’re helpless, but sometimes those are the things that being in love’s about - Prince, "If I Was Your Girlfriend" - guessed by Toni

13. Sun is shining in the sky/There ain't a cloud in sight/It's stopped raining/Everybody's in a play/And don't you know/It's a beautiful new day/Running down the avenue/See how the sun shines bright/In the city on the streets where once was pity

14. I want to take you down to the river/I want to wash the blood from your hands/I want to make you see - you belong to me - you won't ever win/I want to walk out over the water/I want to tear my heart from my chest/I want to change my face - want to leave this place - start all over again/ ... /I want to turn you into a Corvette, I want to drive you out of your mind/I want to watch your face - When you reach that place that you could never find

15. Wish I knew why I’m so in love with you/No one else in this world will do…/Though I know no good will come from loving you/I can’t do a thing, I’m so in love with you

16. Salt scales upon my drying arms/Burn my back beneath the sun/But I am cold beneath the burning rays/Looking down, looking down, down, down again - Franz Ferdinand, "40 Feet" - guessed by greyduck

17. Well it's a lonely road that you have chosen/Morning comes and you don't want to know me anymore/And it's a long time since your heart was frozen/Morning comes and you don't want to know me anymore

18. This little squirrel I used to be/Slammed her bike down the stairs/They put silver where her teeth had been/Baby, silver-toothed, she grins and grins - Belly, "Feed the Tree" - guessed by Toni

19. Take a trip, down memory lane/You will never wanna go again/Take your leave, take your leave/I don't wanna sing at all

20. They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family/Right down the line it’s been you & me/Loving a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to be - Journey, "Faithfully" - guessed by Toni


GreyDuck said...

16 - Franz Ferdinand, 40'

Which is just about the only song off of that album I still actually listen to anymore, not that the rest of it sucks or anything, mind you, just... yeah.

And that's all I've got from the ones that haven't been guessed already. ;-)

Jessica said...

Well done! I only wish I could get some of the ones on your site...