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30 May 2005


Oregon is known for its rain. That's pretty well understood. The fact that the rain brings giant banana slugs is less well-known, which is a good thing (or else no one would visit). This one was in my mother's backyard this morning. I refused to put my hand anywhere near it - that's hers. And this guy wasn't nearly fully extended either. Ew. Double ew.

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(So, this link doesn't have anything - really - to do with banana slugs. But I think it's pretty fun anyway.)


sarah isabel said...

ewww.... ! Almost as bad as worms, in my book. Ugh.

Jessica said...

To me, these things are WAY worse. My mom says even she of the iron stomach can't stand to touch them, because they leave a film that's nearly impossible to get off. When I asked her to describe it, she said, "It's like the stickiest snot you can imagine." Yum. :P