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18 May 2005

Grocery Store Excursions

I've written about this before, though the store in my post was in Beaverton, Oregon - the store quoted here is in Singapore. Still, Conor describes the same sense of wonder I have in the aisles of my local Asian food market - transported by groceries. Conor's post is, however, sublimely hysterical. Here's an excerpt:
I was so taken with all these new foods that Vivien took me to a local grocery store to get a sampling of everything to take home and try. For the most part, this consisted of fruit. (Though I was more than tempted to take home a box I saw in the frozen food section. It was obviously some kind of bird, like a chicken, but I wasn’t sure exactly. I was about to ask Vivien, when I saw on the side of the box a dialogue bubble, the kind of circle you see used in comic strips when people talk, coming out of the box. And what this thing inside the box was saying, anticipating my question, was “I’m a Spatchcock!” And the only think I could think was “Buddy…you were a Spatchcock.” Whatever that might be.)

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