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17 May 2005

Whipped by a Brit

I heard a portion of this on Al Franken's radio show this morning, and there's a great excerpt at This Modern World, which sets up the story thusly:
In case you missed it, British MP George Galloway gave an incendiary speech before the U.S. Senate's committee investigating the oil-for-food scandal.
Incendiary. Perfect word for this thing.

It sounded blistering, and I only wish I'd seen the Senators' faces during the speech... Here's the story on Reuters.


: JustaDog said...

Any you believe this blubbering scandalous greedy pig? All this rude blubbermouth did was to continue to divert the attention of his sell-out to Saddam by refocusing the questions into his hate-Bush, hate-Republicans, hate-America crap. Do you really think he would have been called on if there wasn't some documented proof of his greed and sell-out?

I guess it's not easy for some few to see through this because they themselves are in the same dark cloud as this blubbering fool.

Jessica said...

I never said anything about believing - or not believing - anything in the excerpt, only that I said it sounded blistering. And it still does.