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27 September 2005

Finally! The Trip Report!

Okay, I'm done. I mean, I could probably edit this thing to death (it's what I do), but I have my public to consider, right? (Yeah, right. All three of you.) At any rate, I've posted the daily entries from the trip. I've posted them with the date on which the events happened, and seeing as how that's a couple weeks ago now, I'm also providing this handy reference to all the posts - in one post! Consider this the table of contents, if you will.

A word of warning - while I do like to edit, that doesn't generally mean that these entries are short. It means they've been gone over with a wide-toothed comb, but that's all. Editing is in my blood (you can blame my mother for that), but so is being wordy. I simply cannot help myself.

8 September - Arriving in Germany
9 September - Sightseeing in Munich
10 September - A Daytrip to Dachau
11 September - Afternoon in Salzburg (and a comment on wireless connections, plus bonus Munich pictures and some observations on Germany)
12 September - From Munich to Prague
13 September - Prague's Beauty and Challenges
14 September - Castles and Synagogues
15 September - The Czech Bone Church (and bonus Prague pictures)
16 September - From Prague to Berlin (and a comment from the hotel computer)
17 September - Oktoberfest (in Berlin?)
18 September - The Legacy of the Wall
19 September - Returning Home, and My Deep Thoughts


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