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11 September 2005

Munich Pictures

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the Munich pictures that didn't make it into the other Munich posts. They're getting over the trauma of being cut, so please don't mention it to them. They're still fragile.

The current Pope was a Cardinal in Munich, so they're very proud of him. Pictures everywhere. The thing I noticed was the German word for Pope - it's "Papst." Which is way too close to that beer "Pabst Blue Ribbon." Really.

My "Hell" beer, and a "Nostalgiespiegel" for sale. Now, this may not be funny to you, but in the U.S. my last name is a burden. No one can spell it, some can't pronounce it, and it's nothing other than a name. In Germany, it's a word, and it's hysterical to see it in print. At least for me. Let me have my fun, will you?

It's hard to see, but this was really cool - a shop on the Marienplatz had projectors in the ceiling that were creating this animated "carpet" on the floor. The butterflies were flying around, and the grass and flowers were waving in a make-believe breeze. So very, very cool. I want one.

An entire store selling nothing but dried fruit. Can you imagine it? Of course, I have no idea if the store was selling nothing but dried fruit, because I didn't go in. But if the window display is to be believed (and what is a window display but an advertisement of what's inside?)...

The Town Hall on Marienplatz at night... So pretty...

...And yet I can't help but end this photo tour of Munich on a juvenile note. This is the message you get when you purchase a subway ticket. I'm sure it means something, but it had me in giggles every time we bought a ticket...

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