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26 September 2005

Weekend Pictures

A couple pictures from our mostly lazy weekend...

On Saturday morning we went to an informational session about studying Italian in Italy (we're more interested in doing that for our next vacation after hearing the presentation - and most excited about the option of doing a homestay!). The session was near the East side of the river, so after we were done we walked over to look at our beautiful city. There was some kind of kayak/canoe event going on - the area near the parking lot was covered with kayaks and canoes of all shapes and sizes, and they were carried down one by one to the dock in the picture below. It was a wonderful brisk day - a perfect day to be outdoors.

And here's a shot of the soup I made yesterday. Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons, including the food. Even though most of the veggies in this soup are from cans, it's the idea of a warm bowl of soup and some crusty white bread that just seems so much like fall-weather-food to me. I made a huge pot of this stuff, so I've frozen about half of it for later in the year.


H J Angus said...

I like your blog and find the travel resources very useful.

Besides I am also using the same template!

Jessica said...

Thanks - glad to help!