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23 September 2005

Party at Mom's House

My mom hosted a summer shindig at her house at the end of August, and I didn't get around to posting anything about it before our trip. So, here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure - I'm working on the trip posts, really!

Enclosed in these foil packets are countless (well, okay, not countless, but I didn't count them) loaves of buttered bread and filets of salmon ready for the grill (left) and then getting cooked (right).

Mom's makeshift barbecue pit over the firepit Chris built for her several years ago - every summer party has the same menu, and it's foolproof: salmon, corn on the cob, and garlic bread. Good eats, indeed.


PDXFoodDude said...

Yum.. grilled salmon with sand under your feet! Sigh

Jessica said...

Yeah, it's a pretty nice menu for a backyard barbecue. What's best is the same folks end up coming year after year, and not only does no one complain about the same foodstuffs each time, most people are drooling upon arrival.