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01 September 2005

Making My Lists

The list-making has started. I have my "things to do before I leave" list, and my "things to not forget to pack" list. Both are growing so far, not shrinking. I hope to make some headway this weekend.

I sent an email to my Aunt's friend in Berlin, who will be in town the weekend we're there - so we should be able to connect with him, at least for dinner or something.

I'm oddly preoccupied trying to figure out what music I'm going to want to be listening to over the next few weeks, and therefore what music I should load onto my MP3 player. (Perhaps this is why my lists are growing.)

The trip to San Francisco is officially off. On the one hand, I'm really bummed - I'd have loved to see the bike race (especially since my favorite guy will be there), but I wouldn't have relaxed or enjoyed the trip at all - I'd have been a stress-case thinking about all the stuff I should've been doing. Oh, well - everything happens for a reason, and all that BS.

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