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15 September 2005

Prague: Pictures

Before we say farewell to Prague, here are a few last pictures of the city. I can't help thinking that I'll go back again someday - it's a place that's just so fascinating to look at - but I know now that it'll never be quite as magical as it was in 1992. So, it's not true... You can go home, you just shouldn't expect anyone to remember you when you get there.

More of that fabulous menacing architecture I love - towers on the Charles Bridge.

The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square is usually quite a tourist draw. At the moment, however, it's swathed in scaffolding and fabric. Ah, well...

You can't see it very well, but at the top of the hill on the other side of this bridge is a huge - for lack of a better understanding of what it might really be - metronome. We watched it tick back and forth, but we have no idea what it really is. It's not keeping seconds or minutes, we know that. Oh, and we think this is where the monstrous 30-meter-high statue of Stalin once stood, looking down over the city.

The architecture is easily my favorite thing about Prague, and these buildings provide you with some idea of why. The bottom one is hardest to see, unfortunately, as it's my favorite painted building. The entire facade is covered with painted designs. I want to do that to my house... I don't think my neighbors would understand...

We saw this statue while wandering around the castle grounds, and have no idea what it's about. Chris calls it, "Getting Screwed by Death." Only his version is slightly more R-Rated.

This is a building on the Old Town Square near the Tyn Church - and the thing I love about it is the little balcony with a mini-tower on it. That is just so cool...

And finally, my favorite building in all of Prague. And y'know? I've still never been inside. It's almost not important to go in - the outside satiates me completely. It's so sinister... I've heard rumblings that they're planning to clean up some of the dirtier buildings in Prague (part of the reason so many buildings are black is pollution), but honestly I hope they leave this one alone - the sinister look is what makes it so fabulous.

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