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31 August 2005

Freakout Setting In

I'm finally starting to freak out about our trip. Well, not about the trip, exactly, but about the amount of stuff that has to get done between now and when I leave (one week from today). I've been contemplating taking a weekend trip to San Francisco, driving down Saturday for a bike race on Sunday and then driving back Monday, but I'm thinking that the timing just isn't right - I'd only have one day in which to get all the pre-trip stuff done both at home and at work, and I just don't think it's possible! (It would be if I didn't need sleep, but there you are.) We've been talking about going to this bike race for a few years - perhaps we can finally make it next year.

Other trip-related items:
  1. I'm now in touch with my former coworker's friends in Munich, who appear to be happily spending an evening with us for dinner and the true "beer garden experience." My aunt said she'd try to contact her friend in Berlin to see if he'll be around when we're there, too, which would be great. Nothing like chatting with locals when traveling.
  2. Our railpass packet arrived yesterday, though I haven't even had a chance to glance through it. I've got to take a moment this afternoon to make sure everything is in order, and then tuck it away in the money belt until we need it.
  3. I handed over the keys to the house-sitter yesterday as well. She'll move in the afternoon of the day I leave. She's a regular Dr. Doolittle, and even our anti-social cat fell in love with her the last time she house-sat for us. We adore her, and are often sorry that she only spends this much time at our house when we're not around!
If I do pass on the San Francisco thing, I'll probably start thinking about packing this weekend - you know, that Type A thing about making lists and piles and making something that could take an hour last three days? Yeah, that's me. And that'll be my weekend. Hey, it's called "Labor Day," so I ought to at least feel like I'm working, right??

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