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24 August 2005

Fire Aftermath

I wandered down the street when I got home from work yesterday to see what the house looked like, and found that it had already been boarded up and there was a fence around the whole thing.

The fire-damaged cars are still parked in front of the house, inside the fence, and the fence is surrounded by yellow tape that I'd never known existed until yesterday - instead of "Police Line," it says, "Fire Line - Do Not Cross."

Still no word (that I'm aware of) on the cause of the fire. I'm still really curious.


cadmaven said...

According to the Radio news, this was one of three or four fires in the Portland area blamed on careless smokers tossing lit cigarettes into wood shavings piles. It still sounds fishy to me.

Torrid said...

Actually, the number of barkdust fires in Portland caused by cigarettes is nearly 100 just over the last 6-8 weeks. It's been a real problem. But yeah, that's what I've heard.

It turns out I know the family who own the house. The people we know were just a couple of days from moving in, and already had some stuff (including one of their cars) there, now lost. Their extended family were living in the one occupied unit of the triplex, and I'm glad they got out, but they've lost everything. Terrible stuff.