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15 August 2005

More Food Experimentation

As promised, here are the last pictures of Sister Kate's visit. She ended the week as she'd spent most of the rest of it - experimenting with food! We took her to Uwajimaya mid-week, and she stocked up on all kinds of goodies. While I spend most of my time in the candy/snacks aisle, Kate laid waste to the beverages aisle. I made her promise to drink the weirdest things before she left, as I wasn't interested in the "white gourd drink." (Incidentally, the only thing she didn't get to was the lychee drink, which is fine with me - I like lychee.) The last thing she polished off was this gem - "basil seed drink with honey." It looked like fish eggs, and tasted (she said) like bananas. Why? Well, a glance at the ingredient list revealed the answer - banana flavoring. Apparently basil seeds and honey don't lend enough flavor on their own. Shocking.

Here's the basil seed drink. Looks appetizing, eh?

Kate flew out on Saturday afternoon, so we made her last taste of Oregon the donuts at our beloved farmer's market stand. As you can see, she liked the chocolate one.

Chocolate donut rapture

And on a non-food-related note, we had a blast at the Twilight Criterium in downtown Portland's Park Blocks on Friday night. For the second year in a row, the crowds at the start/finish line were large and loud - a nice change for the riders, who often ride in anonymity at local races. We camped out for most of both races that night at the first turn. It was crazy fast, and thankfully only saw one spill. As you can see, the riders are a blur - which is exactly how they appeared as the flew by.

Riders at the Twilight Criterium

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