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04 August 2005

Basso Continues to Excel

Ivan Basso, who came in 2nd to Lance in this year's Tour (and, incidentally, won two back-to-back stages in the Giro d'Italia in May) appears to be continuing his good form. He's won the first two stages of the six-stage Tour of Denmark!

Basso's 2nd stage win at Tour of Denmark (photo from here) Posted by Picasa


Stephanie said...

So, the other day Russell was reading Cyclesport (Cycle Sport? whatever...) and said, "NOW I know why Jessica likes Ivan Basso so much!"
and I started laughing and said, "because he's a total hottie?! what rock have you been under?"
and Russell - very defensively, answered, "well, it's hard to notice these things with all the helmets and stuff!"
I cracked up. I never expected a boy to get defensive for NOT noticing another boy is cute!

Jessica said...

That is hysterical... :D Of course, Toni says I may have to fight HER for Ivan's affections now... ;)

Stephanie said...

would this be a bad time to point out that he's like, married, and has a kid, and stuff?

Jessica said...

Stephanie, you silly girl - that's part of what contributes to his overall hottie-ness. :D (Oh, and the simple fact that we will never be in the same room with him makes the whole thing easier to discuss in front of Chris...)

Tim Carstensen said...

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