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25 August 2005

BootsnAll Kicks Ass

May I glow a bit more about the kind folks at Portland's own BootsnAll? I swear, I've emailed and called them with the same stupid questions about a Railpass for our trip next month, and not only do they keep answering them (nicely, even!), they've encouraged me to contact them again if I have more questions. Crazy nice, I tell you.

Any-hoo, they can relax a bit now, as I just got off the phone with "Eurail Expert" Dave, having just completed the purchase of our passes. I shouldn't need to call them again until the next time I leave the country...

Seriously, if you're in the market for a Eurail Pass, or just have questions about them, they're fantastically helpful and courteous and knowledgable. Just don't tell 'em I said to bug 'em too much.

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