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17 August 2005

Itinerary Building

Chris & I talked about it a bit on Monday night, and now have a better idea of what our itinerary might look like for our trip next month. When I'd originally plotted it out, I hadn't realized that Oktoberfest begins on September 17 - the day I had us arriving in Munich. I've since rearranged things so that we'll be out of Munich long before the festivities start.

The cities we'll be sleeping in are Berlin, Munich and Prague (though not in that order). We're meeting a former co-worker for dinner tomorrow night - she's lived in Germany and still goes there regularly, so we'll be picking her brain for information. She may even be able to connect us with friends she has in Munich and Berlin, which would be fun - it's almost always better to see a city through the eyes of a local.

I'm looking forward to seeing Prague again after a 13 year absence, and am especially excited to see the Bone Church outside Kutná Hora (reminiscent of the Capuchin Crypt in Rome, which I loved). Chris isn't terribly interested in the morbid art of the place, so I've agreed to go to a German football match with him if he'll go to the Bone Church with me. Not a bad trade (especially since I'd love to see a football match!)...

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Miss Bright said...

A Bone Church!!! I wanna go!!!

Hmmm...maybe that should be my next plan: a tour of all the bone churches in the world!!