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29 August 2005

State Time Trial Championship

Wow, these are really delayed... This actually happened the first weekend of August. My main excuse for not posting them sooner is that I didn't develop the film until last week. My second excuse is that most of the pictures I took suck. So really, I'm sparing you. You should thank me.

You're welcome.

This isn't a great picture, but it's a really interesting bike. Yes, underneath that white rocketship is a recumbent bike. And this guy always gets the fastest times at the Time Trials - every year. (You can see other recumbents lining up in front of him.) The funny thing about this was that the fellow on the far side of the picture holding the clipboard took one look at the clearly shirtless Rocket Man and said, "Are you wearing anything in there?" To which Rocket Man chuckled and nodded. I imagine it gets pretty toasty in there, though.

Someone's water bottle, left at the Start/Finish line.

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