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29 August 2005

Housefire: On a One-Week Delay

I actually got this film developed last week, right after the fire, but hadn't had time to scan and post the shots until now. So, these are all from the morning after the night before, when the fire had flared up again and the troops were all back.

When I walked down the block, this is what I saw. It was amazing, since all we'd seen the night before was flames in the roof. We figured it had to be bad on the other side of the house - and it was, as you can see.

There was a firetruck ladder stretched over the street and parking lot, and these two firefighters were on the end of it pouring that foam stuff into small holes in the roof.

Then they decided the hole wasn't big enough, and started cutting away the roof with a chainsaw.

In these pictures you can see how they fought the remnants of the fire from two angles - the two guys were still on the roof, and then two other guys starting breaking out what was left of the windows and spraying foam in from underneath.

This was when they'd cut a large enough hole in the roof to really get at the morning flare-up.

Once again, big thanks to the firefighters. If you know a firefighter, thank 'em for what they do.

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