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09 August 2005

Summerloaf 2005

This past Saturday was the Portland Farmer's Market's annual Summerloaf bread festival. We try to go every year - the city's exceptional bakeries are out in force, and there are talks going on throughout the market about various aspects of baking. Of particular interest this year to Chris - still on a quest for the perfect pizza - was a morning talk by Brian Spangler, the maestro behind Apizza Scholls on Hawthorne.

Brian Spangler demonstrating his pizza-making techniques (Pearl Bakery's Tim Healea serving as microphone stand)

He did do a really interesting talk - I'm not the cook, so I'm sure there was more of it that was of use to Chris, but even I picked up a couple new tidbits. And the sample pizzas he passed around were a fine way to end the little seminar.

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vj said...

Oh, how cool. I love Brian and his restaurant. And especially his pizza.