Where am I now?

As you can see, this blog hasn't gotten any love in many years... But you can now find me on my site jessicatravels.com.

01 August 2005


I finally got a few pictures onto a Flickr account. I'll keep uploading photos there as I go, probably the same ones that end up on the blog, but it'll be easier to get directly to the photos from Flickr (there's a link to the account in the left margin, too). The only thing I can't figure out is how other Flickr users get those little boxes on their pictures which, when you click them, have little explainers pop up. Anyone care to enlighten me?


vj said...

Notes, my dear Jessica, notes. Add Note is the first leftmost icon below your title and above your pic. Just click it and it'll give you a square that you can stretch and move. Try it out, and you'll be a convert. :)

Jessica said...

Ahhh... I'd only been looking at the pictures as a group, not individually. Silly me. ;) Thanks!