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31 July 2005

Flowers & Food

At a recent birthday party for the two-year-old son of some friends, we spied this in their backyard:

Passion flower (at least I think that's what they're called) in full bloom Posted by Picasa

I swear, every time I see these flowers I think they're fake. They seem like they'd be more appropriate on a sci-fi movie set than growing on a vine in suburbia.

And tonight, Chris made what is fast becoming a summer favorite - pizza on the grill:

Summer dinner al fresco Posted by Picasa

His pizza was still inside, getting sliced, when I snapped this picture. The other plate has a small pile of grilled zucchini, which I made (I know, I find it hard to believe myself) and which were fabulous as well. If it weren't for the 90+ degree heat, I could really love this whole summer thing.


vj said...

I love passionflowers... and pizza on the grill. Yum!

East Coast Kate said...

Passion flowers rock!! I first met them in Italy....they are just weird....

See you soon!