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05 July 2005

What flavor is that?

Uncle Jack is in town, and Chris & I took him to dim sum today with brother Caleb, his girlfriend Enzi, brother Zachary and his son (my nephew). He was a trooper - I was way more picky at his age (hell, I'm still pretty damned picky), and he tried a whole bunch of the stuff we plopped in front of him. The dessert cart was the most interesting, of course. Our favorite moment came when Chris asked the gal pushing the dessert cart to tell my nephew what the different flavors of jello were in the pretty cups. (Mind you, this was a woman we couldn't really understand anyway, so why he bothered to ask is beyond me.) Her reply? "Red, orange and green." Uh-huh.

Betcha can't guess which one my nephew chose.

Only aliens have green tongues, right? Posted by Picasa

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