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21 July 2005

Mom's Band

My mother's marimba band played at the Salem Art Fair & Festival this past Sunday, and I took a bunch of pictures. Unfortunately, most of them are complete crap. I was having a hell of a time getting the light meter to cooperate, mostly because the stage was in one of those mottled part sun/part shade areas, and the poor meter was having a heart attack each time I'd try to adjust it.

So, what I've learned from this (I have to have learned something from three rolls of mostly awful pictures) is that until I get a better handle on taking pictures in mottled areas I'm going to use the "automatic" settings on my damned camera. They're there for a reason, right?!?

Here's the band. My mom's the one in front, in the black T-shirt. Posted by Picasa

During one song, there's a bit of an interlude where the band members try to get the audience to clap. Some of them no longer have parts to play at that point, including my mom, who headed into the dancing area to encourage these two darling girls to keep clapping. Posted by Picasa

The stage the band played on was in what's called the "Family Area," which includes a large maze made of cardboard. I don't know why, this sign just cracked me up. Posted by Picasa

This was one of my nephew's friends, who had taken advantage of the many childrens' activities - including paper hat making. Man, I loved this hat. Posted by Picasa

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