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13 July 2005

Tour Photos

La Gazzetta has some great photos again today. Here's a sampling.

(L) Discovery Channel's Yaroslav Popovych went down today, apparently connecting in a not-so-pleasant way with his team car. He was good-humored about it, smiling and waving at the TV cameras later in the stage. (R) I think Popo came out better than the car, personally.

More accidents, or near-accidents. (L) Green jersey wearer Tom Boonen went down - hard, apparently. He finished the stage within the time limit (incidentally, former yellow jersey wearer Jens Voigt did not, and was eliminated today), but his knee reportedly swelled up dramatically later in the day and it's unsure at the moment whether he'll start on Thursday. It'd be a shame if he didn't, as he's really entertaining in the sprints. (R) Phonak's Oscar Pereiro ended up on this little excursion on the descent from the first climb of the day. Lucky for him it wasn't worse terrain - he made it onto the other side of the switchback with no problems.

It's not clear here which are the bigger asses - the fans of Frenchman Moreau (L), or Dario Frigo (R), shown here being taken away by the French police after performance-enhancing drugs were found in his wife's car. Yeah, I think I'd go with the picture on the right, too. Posted by Picasa

UPDATE (14 July): Turns out Popo didn't actually crash into the car. The car rear-ended another team car, and Popo bumped into his team car after it stopped so abruptly.

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