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24 July 2005

Last Tour Photos

Here are some of the pictures that weren't available when I posted this morning. (Can you tell I'm not willing yet to let go of the whole Tour thing?)

  • Lance savoring the taste of victory on the roads into Paris.
  • Team Discovery after the trophy presentations, on the parade lap.
  • Another great photo of the Devil, who's just so hysterical. I love this guy.
  • A good look at the Discovery kit for the day.
  • Bend's own Chris Horner went out in a break in Paris, hoping for a win. He didn't get it, but he got more face time on TV, which his sponsors certainly love.
  • Lance's teammate, Ukranian Yaroslav Popovych, won the Best Young Rider competition this year, and apparently stuffed the trophy down his jersey for the victory lap (it's the large square-ish thing bulging where his stomach should be).
  • The final jersey winners of this year's Tour. Oh, and Lance's kids.
  • Ivan Basso brought his daughter, Domitilla, onto this podium (just like last year). She was a bit shy when Jan Ullrich tried to chat her up, and completely disinterested when Lance was talking to her.
  • In an unprecedented move, race officials handed Lance a microphone on the podium, so he could say goodbye to the event he has dominated for the past seven years.
This is only a few of the many photos of the day. You can check them all out here.

And these next photos are from here.

As for me, I have no idea what the hell I wrote about before the Tour, so bear with me while I get reacquainted with my non-cycling-fan life. And hey, we still have the Vuelta a Espana to look forward to in September! (You're really excited, I can tell.)

Basso, Lance & Ullrich riding toward Paris and the Tour's end. Posted by Picasa

(L) Lance can count! At least to seven, anyway... (R) He borrowed teammate Popovych's number for another demonstration. Posted by Picasa

The commentators brought up the fact that these champagne glasses must, by race regulation, be made of plastic - because having a rider crash while holding a glass could be ugly. Posted by Picasa

Something tells me Lance won't really miss this part... Posted by Picasa

Lance with his kids on the podium. "Smile for the camera!" Posted by Picasa

Basso looks on while Lance gets a friendly hug from Ullrich. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

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