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22 July 2005

Nearly There

Another breakaway stage today means Lance is one day closer to a record-setting seventh consecutive Tour de France win. Italy's Giuseppe Guerini won his first Tour stage since 1999 (a stage Chris & I were there to see, incidentally), when he was knocked off his bike by a fan taking a photograph. He got up and still won the stage, but they were tense moments. Today's stage was nowhere near as dangerous, as the fans were behind barriers in the final straight.

Guerini winning Friday's stage (photos from here) Posted by Picasa

Lance and the bulk of the peloton finished just over four minutes behind Guerini, so nothing changed for the top five riders overall. Tomorrow's time trial will be the final reorganization for the podium. I can't wait...

The Tour de France star rides by an appropriately-named river... Posted by Picasa


drebro said...

Where did you find that L'Ance picture? That is classic. Thanks for the interesting thoughts and pictures.

Jessica said...

It was on the Tour portion of La Gazzetta dello Sport's website. Isn't it great? It actually took me a minute to figure it out...