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05 July 2005

Fireworks & Flowers

Many more of the daylilies have opened (though there are still more than half left to go), so I'm getting fireworks the day after Independence Day, too. I took a roll and a half of pictures of the Fort Vancouver fireworks display last night from a friend's floating home, so if any of them turn out well I'll post them. If none of them do, as I told the crowd last night, I'll deny even having brought my camera.

July 5th fireworks in my garden Posted by Picasa

In Tour news, Lance is in the yellow after today's Team Time Trial. It was a fantastic stage, up in the air right down to the last seconds. The only sad part is that American David Zabriskie, who has been the only wearer of the yellow until today's change, crashed with 1.5K to go today. He's not an overall contender for the lead, so he was bound to lose the jersey eventually - but to lose it by crashing is heartbreaking, indeed. He's been great fun to watch, and I hope he continues to do well in this Tour and beyond.


victoria said...

What beautiful flowers! Can't wait to see the fireworks pics (or pic, as the case may be)....I completely forgot to even bring my camera to our event.

Jessica said...

I brought my camera and tripod, so I looked prepared, but... I only bothered to read what my photography books had to say about photographing fireworks about three hours ago. It appears I used the wrong speed of film. Whoops! I'm not counting on much from the developer. The good news is that fireworks come back every year, so we can atone for our sins... ;)