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08 July 2005

Google Earth

Omigod, this is the coolest freaking thing... I heard a reference to it while listening to NPR a few minutes ago, went to the website, downloaded it, and have been playing ever since. I swear, these Google people are amazing. The part that nearly made my eyes bug out was when I typed in my work address and saw my car in the picture. It's not in the same place it's in right now, so I don't know how old the picture is, but still. That could be creepy or really, really cool - depending on your level of paranoia.


victoria said...

i love this! the only thing is i don't think my video card is good enough to get the resolution at less than 3000 ft or so. i can't see my car near my apartment. but being able to just find restaurants near a friend's address, or mine for that matter, or a bar or bike shop, that's pretty slick. and the directions are much better than seeing them on mapquest!!

Jessica said...

Chris & I did an experiment - we scrolled from our house to the newly built mall near the highway - and it's still a dirt lot in the picture. So, the photos are a bit older than I thought they were... But still! Very high on the cool factor!