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12 July 2005

Today's Tour Photos

Cyclingnews.com was late posting photos today, but there are some good ones I think are worth sharing.

There's a whole series of pictures of Vinokourov, all of which show him looking strained. He's so pale that when he finally popped today he turned a bright shade of red.

Basso struggled to catch Lance's group at the end, and while he did lose a bit of time and finished alone, he didn't lose as much time as other rivals. And he's said the last couple days that he excels in the Pyrenees, which hit later in the week.

These two show the congratulatory handshake Lance offered Valverde after the win. It's a classy gesture, and (as Chris pointed out) by ingratiating himself to his fellow cyclists, Lance assures that they're more likely to help him again in the future. So - classy and clever.

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