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08 July 2005

Beijing? Berlin? Who knows?

Chris came home yesterday with the news that his company's annual meeting - which is going to be in Shanghai, and was the entire reason we'd been planning a trip to China - is possibly being moved from September to November. That's not great, as he has other things to prepare for later in the year and so we'd have to cut the already too short (in my opinion) trip down by four or five more days. He tells me nothing's certain yet, but I'm sort of assuming that China is off for this year.

I'm bummed, to be sure - I got shots, for pete's sake - but all is not lost. Yet. Chances were already really good that Chris would have to be in Berlin the week before the China trip anyway, so now we're thinking that we'll still travel in September - it'll just be to Europe instead. The best news is that we hadn't yet purchased any plane tickets or anything for China. (The only investment I'd made was the trip to the travel doctor, and some malaria pills. I wonder what the expiration date is on those things?)

So - it's all up in the air at the moment. But it's looking like my first taste of Asia won't be coming this year after all.


cadmaven said...

Is Germany the alternative to China? I've never been to China but I suspect the Chinese food is better there than in Germany. What city in Germany? If its near Stuttgart, you & Chris can visit the Porsche factory.

Jessica said...

Well, it's the "alternative" in that it's the September option - which works best for us for other reasons. So, it's looking like it'll be Germany this year instead of China. The work-related trip Chris has is in Berlin, but we'd likely head out after that to I-don't-know-where yet. I'm also checking with Aunt Vicky to see if she'll be around in Zurich. I imagine if we're anywhere near Stuttgart, Chris' Porsche homing device will kick in.

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