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19 July 2005

Out of the Pyrenees

There's another mountainy stage on Thursday, but today was officially the last day in the big mountains. With a long descent and relatively flat finish after the big climg of the day, however, it was not a day for the climbers to excel. Yet another breakaway took off in the early kilometers, and Spain's Oscar Pereiro finally got the stage win he feels he was denied on Sunday. The top five guys in the general classification remained intact, and Lance put on the 78th yellow jersey of his career today.

I don't think I'm jinxing anything now by saying that really, this Tour is Lance's to lose. Barring injury, illness or incident, Lance will set a new record on Sunday of seven Tour de France wins. (The fact that it's seven consecutive Tours is another thing entirely - he really is otherworldly.) It will be an amazing thing, indeed, if anyone ever meets this record, let alone breaks it.

Do you feel that? Pay attention here - you're officially a witness to history.

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