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29 July 2005


Until I have a ticket confirmation number, any trip I take feels unreal. I can surround myself with guidebooks, but planning isn't possible to me when the plans are nebulous. Well, I now have a confirmation number, so I'm breathing a big sigh of relief.

Chris will leave for Berlin on September 2 for the tradeshow, I'll leave on the 8th and we'll fly home together on the 19th. The last time we talked about it, the idea was to do Berlin, Prague & Munich as the big-city stops - longer stays in each place leaving ample time for day-trips. So, now the guidebook-reading can begin in earnest, and I can start sending off emails about hotels. I do love this part, the research, the planning, making the arrangements - really, I do. It's good that the planning takes so much time, it makes the trip itself feel longer.

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