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07 July 2005

Perhaps this is an incentive to gain weight

Lance was awarded his weight in champagne at the start of today's stage.

Poor local boy Mengin, poised to win on a breakaway and then losing it in the final turn. His rendez-vous ended up being with the barriers instead of the podium. Rain-soaked roads make for interesting - and often dangerous - finishes.

Basso is in 9th place, 1'26" behind Lance. And the mountains are beckoning.

Basso before today's stage, picture from here Posted by Picasa


victoria said...

I like reading your posts on the race much more than catching the highlights on the news - you boil it right down to the essence and with pictures too!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Vic! When I write the cycling updates, I read and re-read them a few times to make sure I don't sound like an idiot... I know some cyclists and cycling fans who are reading this, and I'd rather not make a fool of myself! ;)