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19 July 2005

Couple of Funnies

La Gazzetta dello Sport has a few good new pictures, including these two.

Not sure when this was taken, but it was clear from day one of this Tour that Lance was more relaxed than he's been in the past six. Here he's hanging out with George Hincapie.

Basso playing around with what La Gazzetta calls his "newest weapon against Lance." Very cute. Apparently everyone's more relaxed this year... Posted by Picasa


Stephanie said...

I remember in the coverage last year, everyone kept commenting through the 1st week and a half, at least, how nervous the peloton was. the OLN guys talked about it, and Lance and the postal service guys mentioned it too when they were interviewed.

It does seem like everyone's a lot more relaxed this year - I only remember them talking about the nervousness in the peloton for the first couple of days.

Jessica said...

I agree - it's pretty fun to watch. Lance & his teammates have actually been chatting with the camera guys on the motorbikes this year, joking with them. I'm sad to see the Tour coming to a close... (Though I'm looking forward to catching up on lots of lost sleep!)