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18 July 2005

No Rest for the Weary

It's the second Tour rest day, meaning you get a respite (however brief) from posts about cycling. Enjoy it, the race starts up again bright and early tomorrow morning.

We had an incredibly busy weekend - it was one of those weekends where you don't get any of your normal "chores" done. It was all fun, I'm just exhausted this morning - like I worked all weekend or something. One weekend highlight was our brief trip to Salem for the Art Fair & Festival. My mother's band was playing the family stage, and though we only were there for her show, it's a fun people-watching experience. In years past, I've spent long days at the fair, shopping and volunteering. When there's no money in the art fair budget, however, it's considerably less fun! So, we checked out the exhibit in the gallery, had some lunch, and watched Mom's band. I think the most fun part about watching her is that she's having such a great time playing, and it's clear. She looks like a little kid. I took a few rolls of film, so I'll post them later if they turned out.

In other news, we're in the midst of a nasty heat wave here, and so people without air conditioning (that'd be us) are just trying to ride it out. We do the whole sucking-cool-air-into-the-house-early thing, and then we close the house up tight. It actually works quite well, keeping the house reliably 10+ degrees cooler than it is outside. And that's great, relatively speaking - until it's getting up to 100 degrees outside! We'll see if AC is in the budget next year (though I think we'd honestly prefer not to use it most days, it's the increasing number of 90+ degree days we're getting here that would make it worthwhile - for us and our indoor cats!).

See? My life is boring without the Tour. You'll be glad when there's something cycling-related I can post tomorrow, you'll see.

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