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15 July 2005

Horner Explains

Cyclingnews.com now has a few comments from Bend's Chris Horner on today's near miss:

"We both hesitated a little bit, and I needed him to lead it out to beat him," Horner said on his tactics in the finale. "I just didn't have the fresh legs from leading out from a k [to go]. He [Chavanel] wanted me to pull through at 800, 700 metres, and I knew if I pulled through, I would have to lead it out from there, so it wasn't an option for me to lead it out for the win."

So, too bad for Chris. It's a great showing for his first Tour, though - his face was all over the TV, and his sponsors have got to be happy. Here's a good picture of when he went on the attack to catch Chavanel.


Chris said...

IMHO, Horner made a big mistake. Getting second would have been huge, and I still think he could have come around Chavanel. He busts his ass to stay on the front, in particular for the last 10k, and then tosses it away.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I think I'm with you. Even if he didn't have the legs to win in the end, a two-man sprint for the line would have been a big enough story to justify it. Hopefully he'll learn from this mistake, though - maybe in time for Paris??