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26 July 2005

A Pile of Travel Guides

Our coffee table has been taken over by travel guides and atlases. I've checked out books from the library on Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. And while this sounded like a good idea at the time, it now feels overwhelming. Every time I open one of the books I find enough interesting stuff that I want to spend the entire holiday in that place... Until, that is, I pick up the next book.

Last week, I wanted to see only Germany, perhaps visiting the town where my father was born. Then when I was unable to find an English-language tourism website for that town (or, frankly, much information in the guidebooks) I sort of abandoned that idea - I'll do it someday, but hopefully with someone who speaks German, since I don't.

The next incarnation of the holiday was to see Berlin, Prague & Vienna. Then I heard from a friend that she wasn't a big fan of Vienna, but that she loved the Austrian hilltowns near Germany's border. So then we thought we'd do Berlin, Prague, the Austrian hilltowns, and Munich. And that sounded fine, until I opened the Czech Republic guide last night. Then I wanted to spend a week there...

These are good problems to have!

The newest version is to do Berlin, Prague, & some of the Czech Republic en route to Munich. If we aren't moving to a new town every day, we can take some time to do day-trips (which could include Austrian hilltowns, concentration camp sites, and the Porsche factory - that's for Chris). That feels like a reasonable amount of travel for a 10-12 day trip, and I'm excited about seeing Germany for the first time and about revisiting Prague.

And then I do a silly thing - I look at a map and see that our friends in Northern Italy really aren't that far away from where we'll be, and I think, "Wouldn't it be great to see them, and speak/hear some Italian again?"

Yeah. Very good problems to have, indeed.

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