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06 July 2005

"Wear this, or we'll kick you out."

Lance started today's stage in his Discovery Channel team jersey rather than the yellow leader's jersey he donned after Team Discovery won yesterday's team time trial. When asked why pre-race today, he said that after reviewing the footage from yesterday (when Zabriskie crashed), they felt that not only would Zabriskie probably have kept the yellow jersey had it not been for the crash, but Zabriskie's team (CSC) probably would've won. So, out of respect for the jersey, and in an effort to do what he called "the right thing," he decided not to wear yellow today.

That is, until the race director talked to him.

After the riders rolled out of the neutral zone at the start of the stage, the race director pulled the entire peloton to a stop and said to Lance, "If you don't wear the yellow jersey today, you will not start the race tomorrow." Yeah. As Lance said later, "What are you gonna do?" Guess what color Lance was wearing after that?

'Twas an otherwise uneventful stage today, and probably my least favorite rider in the peloton won the stage. I hope that's the extent of his luck this Tour.

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