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11 August 2005

Eating Her Way Through Portland

Chris' sister Kate has been enjoying the culinary offerings in our fine city. Last summer when she was here with the folks, we introduced them to bubble tea at Bubble Bubble - and she made a special request for a return visit. She got her wish on Tuesday.

Kate enjoying a Taro Milk Tea from the SE location

Then on Wednesday, after a crazy morning buying the Grand Ave. Goodwill nearly out of their stuffed animal supply, she had a hankering for a PB&J sandwich from the Pearl Bakery (Chris had recommended them highly). So, we ate lunch at the Pearl, dessert at nearby Mio Gelato, and then spent an hour (and lots of cash) at Powell's. It was a good day.

Top row: sign inside the Pearl & my country pate panino
Bottom row: Kate's fizzy espresso drink "Bibicaffe," and our gelato desserts (mine's the small one)

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Miss Bright said...

Mmmmmm....Portland was soooooo yummy!!!