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17 October 2005

Ducks Aren't Birds

Greyduck had an interesting conversation with a woman at a bus stop, and I'm thankful he decided to post it, as it's given me a reason to chuckle this morning.

Otherwise, it's not a great day so far.

After two nights of terrible sleep at the beach (which I expected), I was looking forward to returning to my familiar bed last night. So why did I have yet another terrible night's sleep? I have no idea. I can only partially blame the over-lovey cat, as there were plenty of times I was already awake when she began to pester me.

So, I am beginning what will be a very, very busy week on less than a full tank. Not good.

This morning I ended up spending some time cleaning up the kitchen, which I hadn't expected to need to do, after a minor disaster last night. We thought a dash of our homemade Limoncello would go nicely with the pear tart I'd made for dessert, but the bottle slipped and broke, spilling the lemon/grain alcohol/sugar/water mixture all over the counter and floor. Chris mopped the floor last night, and I thought we'd gotten the counter cleaned up... But apparently sugar water is akin to glue, as the floor remains everso slightly sticky and the counter is still uninhabitable. What I cleaned up this morning, however, was a place the Limoncello got that we hadn't even discovered last night - inside the silverware drawer. I emptied the contents and scrubbed it out, leaving it to air dry. We'll see if it's still sticky tonight.

Anyone know what might cut through sugar water best? Chris mopped with vinegar water last night, thinking that'd do the trick, but this stuff is stubborn. All suggestions are welcome. In the meantime, we're just pleased we don't have anyone coming over for dinner anytime soon.

Then I come to work, where I'm increasingly unhappy, and find that a bill I sent out last week (which was okayed by the person who needs to okay these things) was incorrect, and I not only have to redo it, I have to void some checks and refund money. It's small, I know, but in my current state of mind it feels big... And I really prefer these things when they work properly the first time.

The rest of this busy week - tonight, Sheryl Crow concert. Tomorrow, Italian class. Wednesday, dinner with dad. Friday, public radio event. Saturday, dinner with friends. Sunday, reunion event at my alma mater. Then I collapse.

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