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18 October 2005

High Water

It was a perfect weekend to be at the beach - nearly consistent rain and high wind warnings for two days meant there were very few good reasons to leave the comfort of the living room where the fire was blazing... And while it's true I didn't get as much sleep as I'd have liked, and I didn't accomplish as much cross-stitch as I was hoping to, it was still a wonderfully relaxing weekend and I'm glad we got away.

The beach house property's front yard ends at a small rocky bluff (about three feet tall) which leads to the beach on the Siletz Bay on the south end of Lincoln City. The Bay is obviously affected by the tides, which can make the water cover the beach area almost entirely. But I've never seen the water as high as it was on Saturday morning - and it stayed high for several hours. It was almost halfway up the rocky bluff.

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pril said...

tides are interesting. In Coos Bay, the tide affects the whole bay, all 12 miles of it, as well as about 15 miles of the river that empties into the bay.