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13 October 2005

Limoncello Tasting

We finished up our Limoncello last Thursday, and were pretty pleased with the results. Yesterday we went over to our friends' house to do a comparison tasting - they'd made theirs with vodka instead of grain alcohol, and had also made an orange version (Aranciello) in addition to the lemon.

Our bottled Limoncello (silly perspective, but whatever). I just love the color of the liquid.

Their vodka versions have decidedly less "heat," as it were, but since the alcohol content was less they modified the recipe to include less water and slightly less sugar. When they pulled it out of the freezer it was actually more the consistency of a slushie, which disappointed them. The flavor was still quite good, and when it thawed to liquid it was quite similar in syrupy-ness to ours. The orange was noticeably sweeter, despite there being the same amount of sugar in their lemon version - it was the most dessert-like of all.

After we finished the tiny glasses of our grain alcohol version, small dollops of vanilla ice cream were deposited into the glasses with a splash more of the Limoncello - the combination was heavenly. It reminded me of the Limoncello ice cream at Mio Gelato, which I love, and gave me renewed hope that I can make a similar concoction at home.

The vanilla ice cream-Limoncello combo is in the small illy glass, the vodka-Limoncello is behind that, and the vodka-Aranciello is to the right.

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