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21 October 2005

This Week in Pictures

Since I lived in New Hampshire and Connecticut for many years, I know from fall color... And while what we get here in the Pacific Northwest clearly pales in comparison to New England's display, we get to enjoy a bit of color here - at least before the hard rains start and knock all the leaves off the trees. These are from a tree near our mailbox, and I'm not sure which I like better - the one with the flash or without. Reality is, of course, somewhere in between.

(L) With flash, and (R) without.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, and I met him and several others for a celebratory lunch. My mother debuted her Halloween costume for us. Lovely, isn't it? I think it really shows off her nurturing side.

(L) Mom; and (R) the rest of the celebrants - Brother Zachary, me, Birthday Brother Caleb, Caleb's girlfriend Enzi

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