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10 October 2005

Nudism as Polite Dinner Conversation

I'm not sure what the law of averages is on this, but every time our server or the water-glass-filling guy came by our table on Saturday night we were talking about nudity. At one particularly embarrassing moment, I actually was just finishing the sentence, "Why on earth do people think those things are more fun when you're naked?!?" just as the water guy came over. I didn't see him until it was too late.

Our server, who had earlier complimented Chris and I on our eyeglasses, had a good sense of humor about it. Chris said, "I promise, our entire conversation tonight will not be about nudity." She said, "Oh, no, that's what we all talk about, isn't it? The best thing is talking about nude beaches where people are sporting fabulous eyewear." I'll return to that restaurant for her comment alone.

1 comment:

cadmaven said...

My favorite comment about nude beaches or nudist colonies is "Don't these people have mirrors?"

The fancy eyewear for nudists sounds like a winner. Regardless of the leveling concept of nude beaches, everyone wants to be an individual.