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21 October 2005

Random 10

Haven't done this for awhile, and for some reason I feel inspired to play today.

1. Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder
2. A Change (Would Do You Good) - Sheryl Crow
3. Crying Shame - Jack Johnson
4. Mama's in the Moon - Marc Cohn
5. Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer
6. Stardate 1990 - Dan Reed Network
7. Amity Gardens - Fountains of Wayne
8. Bagus + These Guys Are Very Brilliant - Cesare Cremonini
9. World Outside Your Window - Tanita Tikaram
10. Saved By the Bell - The Bee Gees

Have a good weekend, all.


M said...

If you're curious, check out www.petermulvey.com. Really good singer/songwriter and story teller.

FreeThinker said...

Can't go wrong with Sheryl Crow. That Sheryl Crow concert at the Greek Theatre was a good-rockin' event!