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12 October 2005

Italian Lessons

After two weeks in our new Italian class, we're feeling quite good. The teacher is new to us, though she's a legend in the Italian teaching department at PCC. She's so kind and encouraging, and at the same time she's pushing us to learn and do more than we're immediately comfortable with. I'm particularly pleased to be getting so much out of this class, since I'm still supposed to start teaching my own in January. I'm still really nervous about it, but I feel like after 10 weeks of this class I'll feel much more confident walking into a roomful of students and starting to speak Italian!

To maintain the theme here, we found two idiomatic expressions on our Italian phrase-a-day calendar this week that I thought were pretty cute:

"Pianta carote!" means, "He/she's lying!" - but it translates literally to, "He/she's planting carrots!"

But my personal favorite is, "Hai scoperto l'America!" which means, "You are so clever!" but literally means, "You discovered America!"


Alessandro said...

Hi, it's the first time i hear the idiomatic expression "pianta carote"..
I am italian..
I think expressions differ from county to county even within Italy..
There's another expression like "Hai scoperto l'America": "hai scoperto l'acqua calda", which literally means "you discovered hot water" :-)

Jessica said...


Grazie per l'informazione! Mi piace la nuova frase, "hai scoperto l'acqua calda;" dico mio marito. :)

Mi piace moltissimo il suo blog, anche! Le foto sono bellissime.