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13 October 2005

Easter Eggs

Some people like to hunt for those little treasures filmmakers hide on DVDs, commonly called "Easter Eggs." Some people - myself included - like the treasures but quickly grow tired of the actual hunting. This website is just for folks like me.

If you have a specific DVD you're interested in, type it into the "search" box at the top right of the page. Otherwise, you can scroll down to "Find Eggs" and look under the different categories. Since the last time I visited this site (at least a year), they seem to have expanded the definition of an "Easter Egg" to include things within the movies themselves - for instance, if the film editor's name gets used in the dialogue or something. There are still plenty of the good old DVD Eggs, though, to keep me busy for awhile yet.

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vj said...

I love easter eggs too, but while I'm compulsive about looking for them, my partner, is, ummm, less so. Cool link!