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10 January 2006

Bloglines Overflowing

I've been saving a few things from my Bloglines subscriptions, thinking I'd post links to them here every so often, but I've fallen behind so I'm going to post them all here together. The end result is that this list will have nothing in common except that they're all in my Bloglines subscriptions. Will this be a sign of a multi-faceted mind, or a scatterbrain? I'll leave you to be the judge (so long as you don't tell me what you decide). Here they are, in alphabetical order by blog...

altportland has some useful tools which I haven't yet actually used, but they still appear useful. Perhaps you'll find them so?
Aaron Hamburger's New Year's Wish would have been more timely had I posted it last week, but I think there's value in it regardless of the date. I found myself saying, "Yes" out loud more than once while reading it.

Damn Interesting is always good for a few chin scratches.
  • The Physics of Quicksand (I feel better about hiking in the desert now)
  • I was curious about this one, mostly because of the first line - I didn't know why the sky was blue...
  • As I'm planning on being cremated when I die, I'm absolutely into this idea - talk about a family heirloom!
ExtraMSG has a link to a list of healthy places to eat in Portland, as well as a link to a story about Mio Gelato's hot chocolate - apparently I'm not the only one who thinks they make a mighty fine cuppa cocoa.

My old favorite Conor has posted a fabulous list of resolutions - not for himself, mind you, but for everyone else. Which makes them much, much better.

The Record Store Geek posted links to a few things I couldn't let go of... I'm not an SNL fan in general, and I don't plan on seeing "The Chronicles of Narnia," but this "digital short" had me howling... I haven't gone through yet to see if I own any of the CDs with banned cover art... And here's what looks like a cool way to find Portland's many fine music stores.

William Bragg has posted so many things I've saved, I should just tell you to read his blog every day and be done with it. But I won't. I mean, I will tell you to read his blog, and in addition to that I'll list things that catch my eye. Like these:
The Written Road posts a helpful link to a map of WiFi locations, which could be extremely useful the next time I travel with the laptop.

And finally, The Incredible Talking Monkey posts this hysterical list of reasons why gay marriage is wrong.

Ahh, now my Bloglines page isn't horribly full of saved posts, and I feel cleansed.

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vj said...

Thanks for the link-love, Jessica! I'm linking to RecordStoreGeek's map via you, thank you!