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27 January 2006

Teaching - Week Two Complete

After Monday night's class I had the first student so far ask me if I was going to be teaching level two in the Spring. I told her the truth, that I haven't yet decided, but just the fact that she asked is making me consider it more strongly than I would have otherwise.

The truth is, teaching two nights a week in addition to taking a class myself one night a week is pretty tiring. I'm loving the teaching, though, and I do like the idea of having some of my current students for another term so that I can get them into more of the "meat" of the language. I especially love the Monday students, as the vast majority of them want to learn the language just to learn it - not for any travel plans - and it'd be nice to see them for more than just eight weeks.

I've got a bit more time to decide about my Spring classes, so I'll continue to stew on the subject for awhile.

The best news - to me, anyway - is that so far I feel like every class gets a bit better. Like I'm actually learning something about teaching from each session, which I'm then actually able to apply to the next session. I'm really excited about this - it's the most I was expecting for this first attempt, that I would improve as the term went on. Small triumph? Maybe. But it's all mine, and I'm embracing it.

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